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Автор: felixlu

Felix Lupa

Journey to the Land of Kush - Birth of a Nation.

On 9 July 2011 be declared as an independent South Sudan, the 193 world country.
Land full of bloody war scars and persecuted ,scattered in all continents of the world now called to return to his homeland and build a new future for a reborn state.
The Gate to South Sudan passes through the airport in the capital Juba. The Airport is very active in relation to its small size, almost every hour plane lands which brings with refugees from all over Africa returning to their home they had not seen for many years, while landing many UN cargo planes full of humanitarian aid of all good.

Most roads leading into the city center has not yet been paved, as well as other basic infrastructure like water, electricity, garbage collection, street lighting, Internet etc’ still in development.
Juba town filled with people at a rapid pace due to the return of refugees from around the world, temporary refugee camps are located near the banks of the Nile and from there they scattered to their homes throughout Southern Sudan.
You can clearly see the signs of neglect and degradation of this city last for decades.
Institutions like hospitals and university neglected and lacking the basic means of suppressing maintain services for the local population. Patients lying on the hospital campus due to lack of beds. Births are done without anesthetic and surgical equipment almost does not exist.
Commercial life in the city also still improvised and disorganized, everything is done on the open air.
Everywhere in the country still domain chaos , but the nation remains proud and excited for the coming of their hard fought, and long awaited for independence, and there are many friends who are eager to come and help and restore this country soon the modern life cycle.

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15/2/2011 South sudan

Pray in the church under the sky, Juba

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    круто однако)
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      25.08.2011 10:58
      Хорошо снято. "Цепляет", потому как сделано несколько иначе, чем у россиян. Другая школа.
      Потому и смотрится несколько свежо. Не сочтите за снобизм, но мне не хватает одного-двух ударных кадров и крупного плана. Всё профессионально добротно, но без "ухтыж". Почти два десятка карточек монотонно хорошо.
      Больше других для себя выделил "13", но там и смаз, и расфокус. И, похоже, единственная с "незажатой дырой".
      Но это, скорее, необходимость, нежели приём.
      ИМХО, понятное дело! ))
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